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SHARON DENISE WISE - Motivational Speaker, Artist, and Award-winning Film Maker

Sharon Wise calls herself a “Surviving Spirit” and is a dynamic Motivational Speaker, National and International Artist, and Award-winning Film Maker who shares her journey of addiction, homelessness. Her life trials have now led to major triumphs through her advocacy, community leadership and humanitarian work, she’s assisted in shaping policies, changing laws and being an example of a re-purposed life. Sharon outreach to the unhoused is her crown jewel because she believes it reflects herself and a life she has overcome.


As a Trauma Expert she has consulted with public and private government, national hospital systems, Law enforcement and the Women’s Trade Mission in England, She operated the first ever center for person’s with lived experience. Sharon holds a Master Degree in Human Services with a major in Psychology and is a Certified Whole Health, Peer Specialist, and WRAP facilitator, as well as, a COVID-19 Educator and Facilitator.


Her awards include: 2009 Joy Evans Award for Community Services, 2010 VOICE Award, 2011 Martin Luther Jr. Award for Community Services & 2011 Crisis Intervention Team Consumer Leadership Award, 2012 National Council Award for Contributions to the Arts, 2013 Community Service Award for Leadership and 2016 Charles Willis Award. Sharon’s art hangs all over the world.

She has assisted in the development of curriculums and operating protocol for American Psychological Association, SAMHSA, GAINS Center, National Council for Behavioral Health and Mission Healthcare system.


Her film “Letter to Niyyah: won a Gold Medal at the 2018 ADDY and she has written several plays, Meet Me On the Moon, Dinner at Tuesday, and a collection of self-published children’s books entitled “S. Dillan” about a dog who has bi-polar and a trauma history.

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