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Walking in Fields



Improve your knowledge and skills in suicide prevention with these self-paced online courses. They are designed for clinicians and other service providers, educators, health professionals, public officials, and members of community-based coalitions who develop and implement suicide prevention programs and policies.

Lived Experience Academy


At the Lived Experience Academy, you will find guidance and resources to support healing, recovery, and growth after a suicidal crisis. You will also be joining a community of people who believe in the potential for going beyond recovery in the aftermath of trauma

Lived Experience Academy


Now Matters Now


We have had suicidal thoughts and emotions and problems that felt unsolvable. Here are our stories, including research based ways for managing the most painful moments of life. We teach Mindfulness, Mindfulness of Current Emotion, Opposite Action and Paced-breathing. These skills are part of Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT, proven to be helpful for people considering suicide. These tools are not considered a replacement for one-to-one counseling. You do not have to have suicidal thoughts or mental health problems to use these tools – they are useful for most people and many problems.

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