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NKECHI FEASTER - Community Advocate

Nkechi (nuh-key-chee) Feaster’s life experiences include being a Black woman, single mother, a recipient of services from both the government and nonprofits, and as someone who has lived in the DC shelter system. Her natural ability of connecting individuals to perceptions outside of systemic socializations, (racism, classism, misogyny, etc.) have led to her experience as an advocate, a trainer with both Jobs With Justice and P.I.S.A.B., volunteering with groups who understand the value of having a community member perspective at the idea phase of creation, and working full time as a consultant throughout local and national groups.


Nkechi currently uses her real life narrative to help organizations rethink, explore, and reshape what they offer to their communities. She now extends her full expertise as a consultant and sits on the boards of The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless and Diverse City Fund, and as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc.

She is also a lover of creativity, eating, coffee with creamer, and is an author, currently working on a number of books.

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