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ANGEL PRATER - AWARE Consulting Group

Angel Prater Co-Founder of AWARE Consulting Group. The previous Executive Director for FolkTime, she is a Certified National Intentional Peer Support (IPS) Trainer and was named Oregon’s IPS Trainer of Trainers. She sits on various local, state, and national boards, committees, workgroups, and legislative action teams to promote the voices of those being served by our systems of care.


Angel has been involved in systems change since she began her wellness journey in 1996. Bringing trauma-informed care and practice to the forefront of our social services, criminal justice systems, and behavioral health services across our nation. Providing training and technical assistance, program development, and wellness opportunities to communities by building bridges across all systems to address social determinants of health across the nation.


Angel believes in advocating for voice, choice, self-determination, and self-actualization! Nothing About Us Without Us! Together we can make a better tomorrow for all! In her personal life, Angel enjoys singing and dancing, as well as riding motorcycles, sky diving, socializing, and most of all, spending time with her family. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and has four beautiful grandchildren.


Angel says, “You’re in recovery when you say you are”! She believes wellness is a lifelong journey and every day is a new day for self-discovery, learning, and growing to be the best version of ourselves! If you can see it, you can be it and you WILL achieve it! Balance of Mind/Body/Spirit is key Since July 5, 1996, Angel has shared her experience, strength, and hope without shame or guilt so that maybe it may inspire someone else to share theirs and help others. As the famous movie says, let’s “Pay it forward". Our mission to transform organizations by implementing a TraumaAWARE approaches, an internal process for an external practice.

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